Thermal Silicone Gap Pad

How it works

As shown in the figures above, thermally conductive silicone interface pads improve the heat transfer between the heating element (CPU and other components) and the heat sink (aluminum or copper). This is because the air gap between the heating element and the heat sink is minimized and the thermal conductivity is increased by the thermally conductive material added to the silicone. Thermal silicone pads are essential in alleviating issues related to overheating electronic devices because of heat buildup. They allow the seamless heat transfer from hot surfaces within the device to cooler areas where the heat can dissipate, thereby maintaining a cooler operating temperature. Thermal silicone pads offered by Sosa81 are available in a variety of thermal conductivities, hardness grades, and thicknesses. In addition, silicone interface pads have excellent heat durability and can withstand temperatures up to 200℃.