EMI/EMC Solution

Mechanisms of EMI Shielding

EMI Shielding Mechanism



Shielding Foam Gasket

EMI shielding gaskets are designed to prevent entering and exiting electromagnetic waves in an electronic enclosure. Sosa81 offers electrically conductive foam-based gaskets suitable for most indoor EMI shielding and grounding applications such as touch control panel grounding, touch panel switch grounding, HDMI and LAN port shielding, and desktop shielding to name a few. The performance of these EMI shielding foam gaskets is attributed to the unique structure of the electrically conductive-plated fabric or wire mesh that is wrapped over the polyurethane foam. Sosa81 uses nickel, carbon black, and gold plated fabrics depending on customer requirements and requests.

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EMI & NFC Absorber Sheet

RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) and Near-Field Communication (NFC) allow for wireless or contactless communication. RFID technology is widely used in tracking and location of assets in logistic functions. An RFID system consists of a reader with an antenna and a transponder. On the other hand, NFC is most used for secure communications such as access controls, exchange digital content, and contactless payments. NFC operates on short-read range radio frequency, which requires devices to be in very close proximity. Radio wave absorbers suppress the conductive noise of fundamental frequency and radiation noise of high-frequency components, enabling seamless and stable wireless communication. In addition, they reduce the surface noise on shields or other metal surfaces and lessen undesired coupling. They are made of fillers with high permeability mixed in an elastomeric matrix, making them suitable for the reduction of EMI noise. They are in sheet forms and are attached between the antenna and the metal. This reduces absorption of metal materials on the signal of the magnetic field, and the magnetic field strength and the induction distance are increased. Sosa81 offers radio wave absorbers with the permeability of 20µ' to 130µ' at 3MHz and 47µ' at 6 MHz.


Conductive Tape

Conductive tapes are composed of a conductive substrate such as conductive fabric, copper foil and aluminum foil with conductive adhesive coating. These offer durability in thin, light weight and flexible shielding design.

Conductive Silicone 도전성실리콘

Conductive Silicone

Conductive silicone is filled with metal filler. It provides high electric conductivity, shielding and moisture sealing. This item is manufactured in sheet. molded type and extrusion type

Metal finger 메탈핑거-소사81산업무역

Metal Gasket

Metal finger gasket is made of stainless steel or phosphor bronze, beryllium copper. It depends on the customers' demand for the plating metal such as Nickel, Thin, or Gold. Finger Strip provides excellent EMI Shielding due to its high electric conductive and strong elastic property as a gasket.


Conductive Foam Sponge

The innumerable cells of the foam are plated with Cu-Ni, and it is very flexible and provides good SE(Shielding effectiveness). It is very easy to mount on the substrates due to the conductive tape attached to the rear side. It means it can be widely applied with various shapes availability.